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Course Outlines

Risk Management

Risk Management Techniques and Basel II-III

Operational Risk and Basel II

Credit Courses

Writing Credit Applications - A Foundation Course

Advanced Credit Analysis and Risk Management

Analysing Banks

Loan Documentation

Loan Markets

Credit and Loan Markets

Consulting and On-Site Training Services

Basel II Operational Risk Framework Design and Build

Basel II Framework Implementation, Compliance and Training

Operational Risk Compliance Review and Gap Analysis

Organizational Structure Design

Introduction to Derivatives - 2 days

Although the name of the workshop is “Introduction” we do in fact go a lot deeper than a simple introduction to the topics such as pricing and valuing of swaps, valuing FRA’s etc. Topics covered include:

  • RODS
  • FRA’s
  • Swaps
  • Options
  • Futures
  • What are these instruments, how are they priced, how are they are used, risk management, accounting and valuation.

At the end of this workshop there will be very little that the delegates will not know for using derivatives in their local environment.

Course Outlines

Quantitative Analysis

Credit Model Validation

Credit Scoring and Internal Ratings

LGD and EAD prediction

Counterparty Credit Risk: CVA and EPE

Course Outlines

Financial Markets

ACI Dealers Certificate Workshop

ACI Operations Certificate Workshop

Introduction to Financial Markets

Money Market Workshop

Foreign Exchange Workshop

Bonds Workshop

Financial Math Workshop

Introduction to Derivatives

Introduction to Banking

Fundamental Analysis

Treasury Management Workshop

Finance for Non Financial People

Ethics and Compliance

Balance Sheet, asset and Liability Management

Yield Curves