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Course Outlines

Risk Management

Risk Management Techniques and Basel II-III

Operational Risk and Basel II

Credit Courses

Writing Credit Applications - A Foundation Course

Advanced Credit Analysis and Risk Management

Analysing Banks

Loan Documentation

Loan Markets

Credit and Loan Markets

Consulting and On-Site Training Services

Basel II Operational Risk Framework Design and Build

Basel II Framework Implementation, Compliance and Training

Operational Risk Compliance Review and Gap Analysis

Organizational Structure Design

Credit and Loan Markets

Course description

The course provides a comprehensive overview of the credit and loan markets. On the loan origination side, the mechanics of syndications and loan trading are explained in detail, while on the buy side the focus is on asset securitisation techniques and credit derivatives.

Beyond the description of the various lending and asset repackaging techniques, and the role of the various market participants, the course analyses the factors that explain the rapid expansion of these markets, and the reasons for the mid 2007 crisis. Particular attention is paid to capital requirements, returns, credit portfolio management and the implications of the new Basel II Accord.

Day 1


• Developments over the past twenty years:
• Recapitalisation, diversification and consolidation of the banking sector
• Disintermediation-bond market and asset securitisation.
• Impact on lending.
• Current status and future outlook:
• Lending as a core banking activity?

Financial fundamentals of lending: pricing credit risk

Credit risk, capital adequacy requirements (CAR) and provisions.
Economic and Regulatory capital
Internal and external ratings
RORAC/RAROC pricing.

Rating agencies

• Role.
• Approaches to rating.
• The meaning and limitations of ratings.

Basel II

• Mechanics
• Impact on pricing for:
• Different business lines: retail vs. corporates
• Transactions of different credit quality
• Collateralised or guaranteed transactions
• Asset securitisation

Drivers of the loan markets

• Improving RORAC
• Active credit portfolio management:
• Concept and objectives
• Tools: loan sales, securitisation and credit derivatives.

• Why invest in loans?

Asset Sales

• Overview and Trends
• Syndications and Asset Securitisations
• Loan trading

• Syndications
• Concept
• Rationale for investors and borrowers
• Market players
• Mechanics of syndications
• Structure
• Process
• Pricing
• Covenants
• Secondary Markets
• Types of facilities

Day 2

Loan trading markets

• Size and Participants
• Technical developments, tradability of loans and Pricing
• Performing and Distressed loans trading

Asset Securitisation

• Traditional Securitisations
• Synthetic securitisations
• ABS structures
• CDO’s, CLO’s
• Recent Market Difficulties

Leveraged Loans

• Rating agencies definitions
• Market Size, Participants and Trends
• Mezzanine Debt and Junk Bonds.

Credit Derivatives

• Credit Derivatives as Hedging Instruments
• Mechanics
• Uses
• Credit derivatives trading and markets

Jean-Charles Pirlet

Jean-Charles is the founder and managing director of Analytiques and is personally involved in the on-site delivery of training courses and consulting services.

Jean-Charles spent seven years in the Credit, Corporate and Investment Banking divisions of Citibank, including three years in the World Corporation Group in London as Vice-President managing a portfolio of UK multinationals on a worldwide basis.

He subsequently worked as Director of Project Finance and Acquisition Financing for Security Pacific in Frankfurt before returning to South Africa in 1993 as Head of Corporate Banking (Senior Vice-President) for the local operation of ABN-Amro.

Jean-Charles has broad credit experience gained over 20 years as credit analyst, credit officer and credit committee member at Citibank and ABN-Amro, covering Corporate Banking, Financial Institutions, Structured finance, Leveraged transactions, Asset securitisation and Derivatives.

He provides in house training to international financial institutions such as Merrill Lynch, Royal Bank of Scotland, Nordea, Barclays, CIBC and West LB and runs public courses in the UK, Honk Kong, South Africa, Singapore and the Middle East.

He also assists banks with the hands on implementation of the Basel II Accord in a consulting capacity and is Programme Director –Basel II specialist at Bank T&D Consulting Ltd ( www.banktandd.com ), a London based consulting firm.

He holds an LLB and an LLM in Tax Law from the University of Liθge in Belgium.

Course Outlines

Quantitative Analysis

Credit Model Validation

Credit Scoring and Internal Ratings

LGD and EAD prediction

Counterparty Credit Risk: CVA and EPE

Course Outlines

Financial Markets

ACI Dealers Certificate Workshop

ACI Operations Certificate Workshop

Introduction to Financial Markets

Money Market Workshop

Foreign Exchange Workshop

Bonds Workshop

Financial Math Workshop

Introduction to Derivatives

Introduction to Banking

Fundamental Analysis

Treasury Management Workshop

Finance for Non Financial People

Ethics and Compliance

Balance Sheet, asset and Liability Management

Yield Curves